Does Singer Lizzo Follow A Vegan Diet?

Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Diet

Lizzo is known for tracks such as ‘Truth Hurts’, but frequent TikTok users may be more aware of her food content. The Grammy awardee shares plant-based recipes on the social networking application, which makes her followers wonder whether she is a vegan. Read on to know more about Lizzo and her vegan-related TikTok activity.

Is Melissa Jefferson A Vegan?

To cut the long story short, yes. Lizzo has only been sharing vegan food-related videos since last year, but she is beyond just a plant-based foodie. In a TikTok video from August 2020, where she tried to drink vegan milk, Lizzo said that she is a vegan.

Even so, in some of her more recent TikTok videos, she seems to have included honey in her food. It is not clear whether she used a vegan substitute for honey, or honey is an exception in her vegan diet. If the case is the latter, then Lizzo would only be a plant-based diet follower. In other words, she would be what many describe as a ‘beegan’. Why? Because vegans are not supposed to consume honey.

Since When Has She Been A Vegan?

It appears that Lizzo went vegan in 2020’s April to June. Last April, the singer posted an egg-based recipe video, which appears to be the last food-related video from her to feature animal derivatives. The next week, Lizzo shared another video where she makes a vegan chicken substitute. Last June, the singer wrote in one of her videos that she enjoys exploring plant proteins and plant flavors as a recent vegan.

Besides sharing her vegan creations on TikTok, she spreads intuitive eating-related messages over the digital platform. In an April 2020 video, she said that she does not feel that she has to be appreciated for good eating and shamed for bad eating to the same extent.

Which Is Lizzo’s Favorite Meal?

Lizzo is an admirer of the so-called ‘Big Three’ meal, which comprises the following ingredients.

  • Sauteed spinach and kale
  • Yams
  • Vegan macaroni and cheese created with garbanzo beans pasta

In one of her videos, Lizzo describes The Big Three as ‘fire’.

Which Is Lizzo’s Most Iconic Recipe?

The answer is perhaps the one known as ‘Nature’s Cereal’. Lizzo may not have made that meal, but she contributed to making it viral on social media this year. It is made with pomegranate seeds and berries as cereal substitutes, plus coconut water as a milk alternative.