The website we operate is associated with plant-based food items only. This is to say, we talk about just those food items made from plants here. Our objective is to reach the maximum people who are either already following a plant-based diet or are planning to be on it. We are only starting out, and there is a long way for us to achieve the goal.

To accomplish it in the future, we will publish more posts about plant-based diets from time to time. With our posts, we are not looking down upon any specific group of diet followers. Our only intention is to help people make informed decisions on food items. The most important thing for an effective diet transition is to arm yourself with enough knowledge about foods. We not only realize this fact but also keep it kind when creating posts to publish here.

If ever you have anything for us, just drop us a line or leave us a comment without any hesitation. We also encourage you to share anything you find useful here with your loved ones and affiliates on social media. This way, you can contribute to their health to some extent.